Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ghana going green

I often feature stories about the pace of positive change and the rapid adoption of technology in low-income countries, and here's another story in that vein, from the Ghanaian Chronicle. According to the article linked above (from the post title), Ghana's environment minister has announced plans to revolutionize waste management across the country through widespread recycling. The minister made her commitment as she inaugurated a non-profit plastic recycling enterprise. The Cyclus Elmina Recycling Plant will employ local people to collect waste from communities for recycling and aims specifically to create jobs for young people in the surrounding district. The initiative couldn't be more timely, as wealthier Ghanaians are increasingly opting to buy water in plastic bottles and sachets (as tap water is not yet properly treated), and the use of other packaging materials is also on the rise. Unlike many high-income countries, however, Ghana is investing in recycling from the outset, hopefully leading to a more sustainable growth model and a cleaner environment.


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Schedule5 said...

But for those of us who don't twitter - you will keep posting on RTBH, right?

eazibee said...

Hi Schedule5

Thanks - I certainly will. RTBH is very much alive! (Though this week I couldn't even publish your comment, much less post my own, as I was in Ethiopia and blogger appears to be blocked there...)

Twitter just allows me to post different stuff, more frequently, that's all.